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You often hear the term Pay-per-click or PPC in the marketing world, but what in the heck is it? Pay-per-click is when you pay for each time a customer pays for your ad. How PPC works is you bid against other advertisers for certain keywords or demographics to clinch that top spot. Three of the major PPC advertising platforms are Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook.

We are highly skilled and certified in all 3 platforms. Our goal is to get the greatest sales/conversions for the lowest cost. So, many advertising agencies have no idea what they are doing and just jack up bids to as high as possible to get your ad shown. We aren’t like that. We aren’t going to waste your hard earned money. We have specific strategies to get the most bang for your buck and outperform other advertisers.


Target KeywordsTargeted Keywords and Demographics:

PPC campaigns have became so advanced you can have extremely targeted campaigns to who you want to marketing to. In Adwords for example, say you want to have ads shown to people who search for “Columbus Plumber” in zip code 43229 and only want the ad run between 8am to 7pm.. not a problem! You can also target people in Facebook based on age, income, interests, online behavior, etc.

Campaign TimingStarts Instantly: 

Your campaign will start when you want it to start and will stop when you want it to stop. This gives you complete control of your campaign and your spending as well. Other marketing techniques, like SEO, take to work, PPC advertising is instant.


Page QualityLanding Page:

The best PPC campaigns will have a landing page dedicated to each one of your ad groups. For example, if your ad category is roof repair, you want a landing page dedicated to roof repair. Your landing page should also be optimized to get the customer to contact you. Our landing page strategy is second to none, to get those new visitors from the ad and turning them into customers. Google also looks at landing page quality when bidding on your ads. So having an amazing landing page will save you money too on your campaign.

Return On InvestmentCost-effective:

A well run PPC campaign can save you thousands on advertising. Having an optimized campaign will be extremely cost-effective and efficient. Also, let’s break it down into real numbers. So say your cost per conversion(lead/customer) averages out to be $25.00 in roofing. Would you pay $25.00 to get that $10,000 roofing job? I would hope so.

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