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Have a local business? Need Columbus SEO? White Hat Marketing Solutions will help you dominate your local search engine rankings. Consumers  depend on a use a variety of online platforms to find local business information. They may use search engines, maps, internet yellow pages, local directories and even social media to find your local business. With the advancement of the internet and over 90% of people in America using the web, it is now more important than ever to have a dominating presence in Local SEO.

Local SEO is not looked at the same by Google as regular SEO. Many other different factors go into ranking your local business. We have developed a strategy to make sure your local business dominates its competition has the best Columbus Ohio SEO service there is.

Local SEO Services

In-Store PromotionsLocal Search Engines:

Our services will help you get to the top of local search engines, such as Google Places, Bing Places, Yelp, YP, Merchant Circle, and many more.

Website OptimizationOn-Page Local SEO:

We will make sure your site is optimized to rank high in local search with things like header tags, sitemaps, meta descriptions, etc. All are essential in helping you rank in Google.

Link BuildingLink Building:

Our Local SEO strategy builds safe, awesome backlinks to help give your site credibility, allowing you to rank in Google. We will build a white-safe link profiles to rank you to the top of Google for your local keywords.

Places Optimizations Maps Optimization

Close to 50% of all searches are now local now. It is critical that your business shows up in local map results. If it does not, your company is missing out many potential customers.

Target KeywordsLocal Keyword Research:

We find and target the most profitable and relavent local keywords for your business. Our keyword research reports allows us to find the absolutely best keywords for you and utilize throughout your content and link building to help you dominate local search engine results.

SEO MonitoringActivity Reports:

Want to know how your SEO campaign is doing? Not a problem. We send you detailed reports every few weeks covering keyword rankings, visitors to your signs, where traffic is coming from to your site, etc.

SEO Benefits

Increased Traffic – Top positions on the search engine result pages receive a majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in these top positions can result in significant traffic increases for your website. 90% of people do not go past the first page when searching in Google, so you will get the majority  of that traffic ranking first.

Brand Awareness – Since top position rankings result in significant impressions, having your website in these top positions on the result pages translates to more exposure for your website. It will also give your business more credibility.

Cost Effectiveness  SEO is one of the most cost-effective local marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your products and services online. You can send out mailers, TV ads, promotions, etc. all day but you still won’t have as good as conversion rate as SEO. I have seen hundreds of business owners blow money on other marketing techniques with little return. With our Columbus SEO you will see results.

ROI – Every single of the SEO process you are able to track and monitor results. Nothing beats SEO in terms of ROI. You can spend a few thousand dollars on month and get hundreds of thousands of dollars in return through Google.

Crush Your Competition – Depending on your business, you may have dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of competitors in your industry fighting for the same customers that you are. How do you set yourself apart from the others? Getting ahead of them in Google is in the first step. I have seen small businesses rank ahead multi million dollar corporations with our Columbus SEO help.

Why The Heck Should You Trust Us?

Within less than three months we were able to rank #2 out of 535,000 other sites for Columbus Ohio SEO, beating out hundreds of other local and national agencies fighting for that same spot. Can your SEO agency say that?

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